Enviem was created by the merger of two companies into one holding company. Gulf Oil Nederland and Demarol Harderwijk decided in 1997 to amalgamate and offer the market an even broader spectrum of specialities. At that time, Gulf was delivering liquid fuels to various sectors and Demarol had 77 filling stations and an LPG company. Gulf took over supplying the filling stations with the merger of the two companies.


Demarol was then already a minority shareholder in Transnational Blenders. This lubrication supplier now forms an important part of the total package that Enviem wants to offer.


Enviem hit the ground running with the acquisition of one hundred BIM and TinQ stations from Shell. By 2009 the total number of stations has increased to 380 stations, branded Gulf, BIM and TinQ, spread across the whole of The Netherlands. Over the border, Oil Trading Deutschland was established during that period and it quickly grew to more than 50 filling stations in Germany.


With the founding of Demarol België, Enviem created the opportunity to label filling stations in the trilingual country with the Gulf brand. The acquisition of a 14-million litre depot and a number of stations led to a network of more than 50 stations spread across Belgium.


With the founding of Oil Trading Poland Enviem introduced Gulf lubricants into Poland in 2007.


Every day 100 tanker trucks leave the depots in Amsterdam and Nigtevecht, carrying petrol and diesel to the Enviem filling stations. In 2005 an additional four double-hulled tankers were purchased to load products at the various refineries and transport them to the various storage depots.


MAIN BV is also part of the Enviem holding. MAIN holds contracts in several sea ports to manage the ship waste collection requirements. The company, with more than twenty years’ experience in waste management, has a large number of modern, waste management ships at its disposal that, depending on the storage capacity, can transfer 60 to 150 tons of liquid and solid waste materials. In 2009 MAIN brought the first two double-hulled waste management ships with a 300-ton capacity into service in The Netherlands. The waste processing has been done completely in-house since the acquisition of the AVR-processing plant in Amsterdam in 2004.


With its total package of lubricants, liquid fuels, the large number of filling stations and the processing of ships’ waste, Enviem is ready to further strengthen its market position in the future.