Oil Trading Estonia
Employees: 15
CEO: mister N. Vocht

Oil Trading Estonia is a large player in its home market. OTE specialises in the direct delivery of lubricants to various sectors such as industry, shipping, hospitals, transport, developers, and earth-moving companies. OTE has, with various trucks and its own depot, a superb logistics system. OTE has built up a strong position in the lubrication supply sector in part, thanks to its collaboration with TNB.


Piirmäe 2
Tänassilma kula Saku Vald
76401 Harjumaa 


Tel: (+)372 8802330,Fax: (+)372 8802336,Email: info@gulfoil.ee This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it www.gulfoil.ee