Transnational Blenders B.V.


Employees: 76


In the last 6 years since Enviem acquired Transnational Blenders, 30 million Euros have been invested by Transnational Blenders. This investment was required to raise the production capacity to its current level. This is currently 130,000 tons a year. Transnational Blenders produces a complete range of products for a select group of customers. 


The lubricants factory is set up so that large batches can be produced. Besides production, Transnational Blenders also delivers Marine Products with their own barges in the ports of Rotterdam and Amsterdam.


With the factory located on a strategic site and being able to produce large quantities, Transnational Blenders has the capacity to supply at very competitive rates. Thanks to this, Transnational Blenders is a large player on the European market.


Wieldrechtseweg 37
3316 BG Dordrecht
The Netherlands


Tel: 078 6527652
Fax: 078 6179492