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ENVIEM, as a multi-brand company, has kept the production of lubricants in-house and in the country. With Transnational Blenders in the group, all lubricants are “Made in Holland”. TNB is an independent and internationally renowned partner in all sectors and delivers qualified lubricants of the highest quality to oil companies, brand owners and distributors.

"Near the Port of Rotterdam"

The strategic location, with direct access to the port of Rotterdam, is an important USP for TNB, as it ensures the efficient delivery of all of our products. Automated product lines, flexibility, high bunker capacity and expertise all ensure that TNB delivers high quality lubricants and services. Worldwide!

  • Independent Blender
  • Customer first
  • Marine bunkering
  • Perfect Access
  • High Quality Lubricants
  • Large capacity plant

“Are you looking for an independent partner in Lubricants?”

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With North Sea Lubricants, you’ve got the power!

By introducing the ‘North Sea Lubricants’ brand to the market, ENVIEM has resolutely opted to keep the level of service within all markets high! North Sea Lubricants is an independent lubricating oil brand based in the Netherlands. From the factory located in the port of Rotterdam, they offer a wide range of lubricants of the highest quality. All products are ‘Made in Holland’ and are delivered to more than 100 countries worldwide. In the current market that is constantly evolving, they will give you strength and ENERGY. You’ve got the power!

Growing success of North Sea Lubricants

Many of North Sea Lubricants products are officially approved by reputable OEMs, including Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen, BMW, MAN and VOLVO. North Sea Lubricants continues to grow each year and the affiliated distributors also increase their turnover. An increasing number of countries want to be part of the growing success of North Sea Lubricants by becoming a distributor in their own region.

Take your business to the next level

Become a distributor of North Sea Lubricants and be part of the growing success of the brand. Thanks to our lubricants YOU WILL HAVE THE POWER to sell a unique brand, wherever you are in the world!


Do you have any new and innovative ideas? BE THE ENERGY and share them with us! ENVIEM is always looking for entrepreneurs with creative solutions and new business models. Because ENVIEM believes in investing in YOUR future.