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Through continuous movement, the "brands in motion" at ENVIEM create energy for the sustainable development of the company. 



Through continuous movement, the "brands in motion" at ENVIEM create energy for the sustainable development of the company. With the development of high-level products, ENVIEM aims to achieve fair and competitive pricing with optimal customer satisfaction. ENVIEM, as a multi-brand company, wants to play a strong role in broad market segments both nationally and internationally with a customer-oriented and efficient organisation. ENVIEM also wants to expand its market position and connect customers:

  • in the international lubricants market;
  • as a fuel supplier, multi-brand retailer in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and France;
  • in the national (oil) waste sector;
  • in developments concerning “new energy”.


ENVIEM believes in the power of customer orientation. All activities are focused on a high-level service experience for the customer combined with a strong quality/price ratio. This customer culture is clearly tangible during all sales moments.

ENVIEM wants to build a strong market position in all sectors in which it is active and to realise this ambition through autonomous growth combined with acquisitions. ENVIEM also wants to use all opportunities to strengthen its position in existing markets and to develop new concepts (new business). 

Growth will focus on both national and international market(s). To manage further growth professionally, ENVIEM invests in its management and personnel and information systems. 

ENVIEM’s organisation is compact with a strong focus on innovation. Employees are encouraged and receive a lot of responsibility and opportunities for personal development and growth.

Core values

The core values of ENVIEM and all of its employees are responsibility, reliability, power, honesty, energy, dedication and loyalty. 

The organisation is eager to learn and has the ambition to improve each year in both performance towards customers and in results. The safety of our people and of the environment is a priority in everything we do.



The primary activities of ENVIEM can be divided into four categories:

  • Retail: the operation of filling stations in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and France as a multi-brand retailer.
  • Lubricants: the in-house production in the Netherlands and the worldwide distribution and sale of lubricants.
  • Environmental: the collection and processing of (oil) waste products in the Netherlands.
  • New Business: innovative business models in new (energy) markets.

Our brands in motion

Working at ENVIEM is dynamic and exciting,
also for you!


Do you have any new and innovative ideas? BE THE ENERGY and share them with us! ENVIEM is always looking for entrepreneurs with creative solutions and new business models. Because ENVIEM believes in investing in YOUR future.