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Innovation and market expansion are two key strategic pillars for ENVIEM. In the context of sus-tainable, corporate social responsibility and the development of new business models, the company is strongly committed to its own production of “new energy” (such as wind and sun). In the next few years, we will install solar panels on the roofs of more than 30 locations in the Netherlands. The de-velopment of new storage forms and distribution methods are also part of the “ENVIEM Green-Power Program”.

Our new energy business

  • Developing new energy storage solutions
  • Creating new energy retail solutions
  • Finding new distribution networks


One system for the management of all company processes,
legislation and regulations.

With OKcomply, ENVIEM invests in high-end solutions regarding the efficiency and safety of com-pany processes. Everyone involved in measures, periodic checks, inspections and procedures has a direct line with colleagues, companies and agencies. They all use different methods to carry out and check these inspections and procedures. OKcomply enables all participants to collaborate and share data in a secure and simple manner. Our way of making laws, regulations and procedures efficient and manageable. In doing so, we play our part in establishing a clearer, cleaner and safer world.

"How it works"

ENSERV Environmental Services

ENSERV will contribute to a circular economy within ENVIEM in an innovative manner. Using advanced techniques, ENSERV will process waste oil from, among other things, shipping, industry and heavy transport into reusable products.

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Do you have any new and innovative ideas? BE THE ENERGY and share them with us! ENVIEM is always looking for entrepreneurs with creative solutions and new business models. Because ENVIEM believes in investing in YOUR future.